NJ CCW + FL & AZ + Basic Firearms Training


Basic Firearms Training:

This course that will help New Shooter/s and New Gun Owner/s to develop the proper stance, grip and improve the handgun shooting fundamentals while shooting a specific handgun (Pistol or Revolver).
Lessons Taught: Pistol Knowledge, Safe Gun Handling, Ammunition Knowledge, Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting, Selecting and Maintaining a Pistol, Firearms and Ammunition Storage, Child Access Prevention, Range Safety & Expectations.

NJ CCW Qualification Course:

Upon successful completion you will be given a certificate to submit with your application. 

You will fire a total of 50 rounds. You must score 80% to pass, in other words you must hit at least 40 rounds out of 50 to pass.

The NJ CCW course is not a beginner course! I repeat, the NJ CCW course is not a beginner course!  You will be required to demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy.
  • It is pass or fail.
  • You will fail this course if you do not effectively demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy.


  • $20 for each additional gun

  • You must use your own pistol (s) that is registered in your name for the qualification

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