NJ CCW Permit Information & Qualification Process

Last Updated: June 29, 2022, at 12:11 AM

New Jersey CCW Permit Information & Qualification Process


“This information is not definitive and is based solely on public information available at the time of posting and is subject to change without notice.  The New Jersey State Police official guidance, and local guidance, is rapidly changing and being updated frequently, and the State Police are expected to alter permit processing methods in response to demand.  Reliance on this information is at your own risk.  Please double check with official sources.
This information should not be used as an application guide, this post is solely for information purposes.”
Preliminary process to apply for your New Jersey CCW permit.

NJ FID Card: Both NJ Resident and Out of state Resident!
Your driver’s license address MUST match your FID card address.

Pistol (s) you are going to qualify with:
You must use your own pistol (s) that is registered in your name for the qualification.

Magazines and Ammunition: 3 magazines are “ideal”, no less than two is recommended for a semi-automatic. For a revolver you will need 2 speed loaders. 50 rounds of factory ammunition per firearm. Please note you will be able to purchase all the ammunition you need at the gun range.

Written Proof of Ownership of the Firearm (s) you intend to Carry:
Ownership can be a purchase receipt or permit to purchase or a notarized letter of ownership listing the make model and serial number of the handgun(s).

Proof of Citizenship and Identification:
You must supply proof of identification and Citizenship. (Driver’s license and birth certificate / naturalization paperwork / green card).

Application Process:

Review the below Forms and complete them entirety to submit your application.

Fingerprinting Requirements: 
All applicants must be fingerprinted for initial and renewal applications.

As per the NJSP Instructions – Once you drop off your entire complete application package you your police department the police department will supply you with the “Service Code” for you to make your appointment with Indentigo.

After receiving the “Service Code” Applicants can visit  www.IDENTOGO.com to schedule an appointment. When scheduling, the applicant must provide the investigating agencies (Local Police or State Police)

Fingerprint results must be received within ninety (90) days of application.

Out of State Resident: 
When you have your packet ready including your Qualification score sheet you will need to apply at the closest non-toll road State Police Barracks to where you reside.

CCW Shooting Qualification:
You will have to demonstrate firearm familiarity and safe gun handling. Upon successful completion you will be given a completion certificate to submit with your application. Qualification must be within six (6) months of application and must also be obtained from a certified firearms instructor (Myself included). The written certification must include the instructor’s name and certification number, make, model, caliber, and serial number of handgun(s).

The NJ CCW course is not a beginner course! I repeat, the NJ CCW course is not a beginner course!  You will be required to demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy.
  • It is pass or fail.
  • You will fail this course if you do not pass effectively demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy.
With little direction from the New Jersey State Police and/or the New Jersey Attorney General, with regards to standardized CCW requirements, assumed or verified requirements for your CCW applications seems to be changing daily. For those of you who are willing to be the first to apply, and risk changes occurring during this process, or thereafter, The OA Firearms & Survival Training LLC cannot be held liable or responsible for any changes that occur after you finish any training and/or qualifications used in your submission.
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