Where Can I Carry in New Jersey?

Locations where you can and cannot carry even with a New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit

Carry Permitted

  1. Open carry is now prohibited. All firearms must be concealed and in a holster that covers the trigger.
  2. Carry Permit Holders now have a Duty to Inform law Enforcement on first contact that you are carrying a gun or have it in you car.
  3. Airport or a public Transportation Hub – Carrying while picking up and dropping off is permitted, as long as you don’t go in, and if you do go in, you can still check in your handgun if you’re transporting it properly according to federal laws, airport regulations, and TSA guidelines.
  4. You can only carry a maximum of two handguns at one time.
  5. Private Property – PARTIALLY ENJOINED and unenforceable but only to the extent that property is otherwise “open to the public.”
  6. Private property including but not limited to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, or undeveloped property. [Section 7(a) Subparts 24]
  7. Prohibition on functional firearms in vehicles (2C:58-4.6(b)(1)) – ENJOINED and unenforceable.
  8. A public location used for making motion pictures or television images for theatrical, commercial, or educational purposes during such time as the location is used for that purpose. In other words Public Film Sets – ENJOINED and unenforceable.
  9. Insurance Mandate (2C:58-4.3(a)) – ENJOINED and unenforceable.
  10. In-person interview of applicant’s endorsers (references) (2C:58-4(c) – ENJOINED and unenforceable.

Carry Restricted (Not Permitted)

    • Any place owned, leased, or under the control of any state, county, or municipal government, used for purposes of government administration, including but not limited to police stations. 
    • A courtroom, a courthouse, or any premises used to conduct court or judicial administrative proceedings, or functions.
    • State, county, or municipal correctional or juvenile justice facility, a jail, and any place maintained by the government entity for the detention of criminal suspects or offenders.
    • A state-contracted Halfway House.
    • A location used as a polling place during the conduct of an election places used for storage, and tabulation of ballots.
    • Playgrounds
    • Youth sporting events, during and immediately preceding and following the conduct of the event, except that this procedure should not apply to participants of a youth sporting event in which firearm shooting is a competition.
    • A shelter for the homeless, emergency shelter for the homeless, basic center shelter program, shelter for homeless or runaway youth, Children’s Shelter, childcare shelter, shelter for victims of domestic violence, or any shelter licensed under the control of the Juvenile Justice Commission or the Department of Children and Families.
    • Childcare facility, including a daycare center.
    • While carrying a handgun you cannot be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or a controlled substance. So, no consumption of alcohol, cannabis or controlled substance (drugs).
    • A facility licensed or regulated by the Department of Human Services, Department of Children and Families, or Department of Health other than a health care facility that provides addiction or mental health treatment or support services.
    • Any other place in which the carrying of a firearm is prohibited by any statute or rule or regulation promulgated by a federal or state agency.
    • A Class Five cannabis retailer or medical cannabis dispensary, including any consumption areas, licensed or permitted by the cannabis regulatory commission.
    • A community residence for persons with developmental disabilities, head injuries, terminal illnesses, or any other residential setting licensed by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Health.
    • A plant or operation that produces, converts, distributes, or stores energy or converts one form of energy to another.
    • An airport or public transportation hub
    • Health Care Facilities (Addiction or Mental Health Treatment or Support Services
    • Nursery School, Pre-school, or Summer Camp
    • You cannot carry a handgun in public outside of your holster, open carry is prohibited.
    • School, college, university, or other educational institution, and on any school bus

The below LOCATIONS has TEMPORARILY been reinstated – You CANNOT CARRY in the below LOCATIONS. 

  • Within 100 feet of Public Gatherings, Demonstrations, and Events Requiring a Government Permit.

  • Zoo

  • Park, beach, recreational facility or area owned or controlled by a State, county or local government unit designated as a gun-free zone.

  • Publicly owned or leased library or museum.

  • Bar or restaurant where alcohol is served and any other site or facility where alcohol is sold for consumption on the premises.

  • Entertainment facility.

  • Casino and related facilities.

  • Health care facility.

Important Notice
Prohibition for “School, college, university, or other educational institution” is narrowly applied to mean the traditional legal definition as to what constitutes a “school” regulated by the State.

Restrictions on properties containing multiple uses apply only to the area of the specific restricted use and not the common areas such as public grounds, which include parking areas and walkways.

The court’s decision only impacts carry rights for the duration of the state’s appeal, and does not necessarily mean that the state’s appeal will ultimately be successful. Despite this new ruling, ANJRPC will continue to aggressively defend gun owners’ carry rights during every stage of this case.
The OA Firearms & Survival Training LLC assumes no risk or liability for the use or misuse of this information.

The category descriptions used below are shortened for convenience.
Please click here to view the document with the actual statutory language to determine the full extent of the legal prohibitions.
This is not a guide as to where or how firearms may be carried, or what special conditions may apply. This is a description of actions taken by the court.
These rulings are temporary and may change when the court case/s related to this matter is decided.
This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult an attorney before carrying your gun outside your home or place of business.
The OA Firearms & Survival Training LLC assumes no risk or liability for the use or misuse of this information.

Updated: June 21, 2023

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